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EV Express is your one-stop-shop for electric vehicle leasing and charge point installation for Southern England  Are you ready to go electric?

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How about some electric vehicle inspiration


3.5p Pence per mile
Packed full of power with minimal recharge time, the Mii electric is ready to go the distance when you are.

From £229.99 Per Month

222 Miles Per Charge

Renault Kangoo ZE 33

Generous capacity with low running costs
The KANGOO Z.E. 33 is available with the Z.E. 33 Battery giving a range of 143 miles on one charge.

From £199 Per Month

143 Miles Per Charge

Kia E-Niro

ECO+ mode and lane keep assist.
The E-Niro’s 64kWh capacity battery is capable of up to 283 miles (WLTP) pure electric driving range.

From £299.99 Per Month

283 Miles Per Charge

Tesla Model 3

Range, performance, safety and technology.
The Standard Range Plus Model 3 is equipped with a 55kWh battery, providing the car with a range of up to 258 miles (WLTP).

From £469.99 Per Month

258 Miles Per Charge

Jaguar I-PACE

Pure Class With a Huge Range
Jaguar’s first electric vehicle the I-PACE available now. I-PACE has a 90kWh lithium ion battery and a WLTP range of 292 miles.

From £689.99 Per Month

292 Miles Per Charge

Renault Zoe

Very High Range For Its Size
The Renault ZOE proves that EVs can combine sensuous, reassuring, sculpted styling with the promise of real driving enjoyment.

From £220 Per Month

245 Miles Per Charge

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