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Want to know what charge point is right for your home or business?

This is exactly the advice service we provide. We explain things clearly, so you can progress your enquiry. Complete our remote survey form for the quickest pricing or arrange a site survey.

Welcome to EV Express

EV Express work with a variety of partners, including charge point manufacturers, infrastructure developers and funders, to bring solutions that will match your business or personal Electric Vehicle charging need. Our network of partners covers across the UK, so wherever you are located, we can advise and assist.

We can integrate renewables, such as solar panels and battery storage into your EV charging solution, plus we look for grant funding opportunities that could help with this.   

We provide all types of charging solutions, ranging from fast to ultra-rapid types. The installation can be a standard purchase or there are finance options available around interest-free credit and leasing, subject to terms and conditions, that can spread the payment period.

Fast, rapid and ultra-rapid chargers

Interest free payment

Lease to buy payment

Solar panels

Battery storage

EV charging options for home and business

If you are seeing EV charging as a commercial opportunity, then we help you to explore that. We explain how you set the charging tariff, as the charge point owner. We show the expected profits and how your charge point profile can be managed and maximised to generate the most income.  

Whilst we work with a variety of brands, we work most frequently with the popular brand Project EV.

For commercial and domestic vehicles, we work with EV leasing provider, Vehicle Consulting Solent. View the latest EV selection here and connect for the full range of offers.

How can we help you?

We are a team who can support businesses and individuals through an EV discovery journey, looking to experience EV and find out more. We work with partners to deliver vehicle leasing and charge point installation options.

Our vehicle procurement partner is Vehicle Consulting. 
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