EV Express Isle of Wight

Big Sustainability Expo

EV Express is delighted to be a lead exhibitor at the Big Sustainability Expo 2020 at Hilton Hotel, Ageas Bowl, Southampton on Tuesday October 6th

picture of EV Express Big Sustainability Expo Stand

Co-founder and Director, Paul Thorley, explains what is in store for visiting delegates: “We are excited to share with businesses and organisations the simple truth that switching to EV saves money immediately across all business types.”

Paul explains further: “When you look at the true-life cost of a vehicle, including running costs and tax, then people quickly see that the recent government changes to zero tax for company vehicles makes an incredible difference.”

Featuring Leading Manufacturers

EV Express work with a range of leading manufacturers, so discover at the event a selection of 8 EVs from brands including Renault, Nissan, Kia. There will also a jaw-dropping prestige vehicle, but that is being kept under wraps at the moment.

electric vehicles

“We have seen how EV Express have been engaging with businesses around electric vehicles and charging, and so are thrilled that they are playing such a prominent and informative role at this event.”

Event Director, Anita Potten

Showcasing Charging Points

At the event, EV Express will also be explaining options and incentives around EV charging in the workplace and at home, with a range of charging units on display. EV Express will also deliver some quick-fire classroom sessions, as an introduction to EV, with Q & A opportunities.

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