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EV Awareness Café

We are delighted to be hosting a brand new virtual event throughout June and July which aims to spread awareness of electric vehicles.

What is it?

We are delighted to be opening our doors to the new and innovative EV Awareness Café throughout July 2020. 

As local leaders of the route to zero carbon and to secure the best air quality, we have devised a mini-series of relaxed magazine type sessions, with guest expert speakers, that could introduce you and your business to the benefits of electric vehicles.

Sessions start on Thursdays at 12.30pm and are 40 mins long, please refer to the summary below for dates and topics covered at each café.

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Sessions Overviews

In this session we will discuss the general topic of electric vehicles – what models are available, the charging points, how far vehicles can drive, what the infrastructure looks like, what costs can be expected and how the government supports the scheme.

This is a great introduction for someone who doesn’t know about EVs but is interested in sustainable personal and business decisions that don’t break the bank (and can also save money!)

With the available grants, tax savings and income generation opportunities – owning electric vehicles or charging points within your business can be a great financial decision.

Additionally, we will provide a like-for-like comparison of the costs involves in running an EV vs a fossil fuel vehicle.

In this session we will discuss those further using a balanced viewpoint.

Much like picking accommodation with a good WiFi signal, customers will search for hotels with an electric vehicle charging point very soon.

What will the cities of tomorrow look like? How much of an impact will EVs have on tourism? What role will autonomous vehicles have on our society?

We will discuss those and more such questions in this session.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, deliver goods or generally travel a lot around the Island (or on the mainland) for business – an electric van or other commercial vehicle could be a great solution which will save your business money and positively contribute towards your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We will discuss pricing, challenges and grants around EVs and charging points in the commercial sector.

We only have this one planet – so let’s cherish it! EVs contribute positively towards your carbon footprint and as new technology is developed, driving electric VS fossil fuels is becoming more environmentally friendly.

In this session we will discuss smart energy solutions at your home, solar panels which charge your vehicles and more!

Register for the EV Awareness Cafés

These EV Awareness Café sessions will be completely ‘no pressure’ – we want to spread awareness around electric vehicles because we genuinely believe that they will make a huge positive impact on our Island and the world.

To make it easier we will use the same Zoom link for all 5 sessions and will email you a reminder each week before the session commences (with a summary of what we’ll be talking about that week). This will allow you to make a conscious decision on whether the topic being discussed is relevant to you/your business.

See you soon!

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