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Café session shows amazing cost savings when switching to EV

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Renault Zoe v Ford Fiesta comparison

The second EV Awareness Café session in the series of 5 focused on cost savings for businesses by switching to leased electric vehicles.

Investing in a company vehicle and the costs of running one have several cost elements. So, creating a real-life cost comparison between a current vehicle and a potential EV gives a business real and accurate informed data.

The start point is the government listed new car purchase price (P11d).

On the surface, most people would expect the higher the purchase cost as new then the higher any monthly payments would be. But not so.

A good example of this is the Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost ST line edition 5dr, comparing against the Renault Zoe iconic 110KW. See table below.  

All based on 6 initial payments, 2 years 8000 miles per year.



Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost ST line edition 5dr

Renault Zoe iconic 110KW


P11d price


 £ 20,010.00

 £ 30,940.00

Monthly lease


 £ 120.00

 £ 220.00

Fuel /charging


 £ 80.00

 £ 15.00

Company car tax


 £ 86.71

 £ –  

Class 1 National insurance


 £ 59.83

 £ –  

Total monthly cost


 £ 346.54

 £ 235.00

Cost over the 2 years


 £ 10,049.66

 £ 6,815.00

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