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Chamber Breakfast With an EV Twist

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Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on February 7th, 2020 had an enlightened time when Paul Thorley from EV Express took to the floor as the guest speaker.

Many delegates were keen to get to understand the basics of electric vehicles, from charging to driving range, and most importantly their cost-efficiency and environmental benefits.

Paul was able to compress a lot of essential information into a few minutes. It was the impact of company car tax changes, which got most people talking, as Paul explains: “This April the government has done something extraordinary. They have taken all tax away from company cars which are electric. So, no tax to pay from either the individual or the company. The positive impact on a business could be massive, saving individuals and companies literally thousands of pounds.”

Delegates were invited to find out more details on these cost savings by contacting EV Express on info@evexpress.co.uk

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