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Income Generation

Electric charging points can be a great income generator for your business – with some charging points being specifically designed for this purpose.


There are charge points where you as the owner can set the tariff and revenue comes to you, when the charge point user pays for their charging by phone or by purchasing a token.

Unfortunately, any charge points which are installed to make revenue from the user do not attract any OLEV grant funding.

As the charge point provider you would keep 85% of the revenue with 15% going to Sagepay for facilitating the arrangement. As an example, it would cost around £5 in electricity to charge a vehicle and then you would charge £10 – £15 for the service.

Return on Investment

With any commercial investment, you are naturally looking for a return on investment. See below a simple matrix of like costs and likely returns for different charger types over the coming 5 years.

By definition, volumes of use will increase as proportionately more EVs appear on the roads. This will be even more obvious in the tourist season.
Interestingly, research has shown that rapid charging, whilst commanding a premium price, attracts the most business.

In other words, people will pay proportionately more to get a quicker
service. So whilst this has the greatest outlay, it will also
confidently generate the greatest return.

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We would be delighted to discuss how electric charging points could become an income generator for your business.

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