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Grants for Charging Points

There are a variety of grants available for people who want to invest into their electric future. We have detailed the most popular ones below, however there are more available and different opportunities keep emerging – so we encourage you to contact us for individual advice.

OLEV Grant

OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, is a government department that provides grants to reduce the cost of your charge point(s). Grants are available under 2 main schemes:

Homecharge Scheme

Workplace Charging Scheme. 

We have provided the basic information on these on this page, but you can also view the exact specification by clicking the buttons below.

Homecharge Scheme

To encourage the take-up of electric vehicles, the government is running an electric vehicle home-charging scheme.

The grant is a contribution of up to 75% of the installation costs, to a maximum of £350 for a single point for the domestic user. You must be the registered keeper or leaseholder of an electric vehicle, and your parking must be off street.

Your vehicle must be eligible under the scheme. The majority of vehicles are. The EV charge point must also be installed by an OLEV approved EV charge point installer. 

Workplace Charging Scheme

The aim of the grant is to support businesses who are considering installing EV charge points for their employews or customers. The grant offers £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing a single socket EV charging unit.

Businesses are able to claim the grant for up to a maximum of 20 charging points (20 single socket or 10 double socket charge points). These installations can be done in a phased way.

The grant is only available as long as the scheme is live.

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