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Connecting Island Communities

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Renault UK is playing a leading role in a key connection initiative on the Isle of Wight. As well as being centre stage with the trial of the Covid-19 App, there’s another communications initiative under way. That is to help to enable care home residents, and those in hospital for non-Covid-19 reasons, to contact friends and family.

The initiative, known as Connect Us and backed by Age UK Isle of Wight, is to provide a supply of iPads to Island care homes, where staff will then help the patients and residents to connect with friends and family members via video. Delivering the iPads on a regular basis is Paul Thorley from EV Express (www.evexpress.co.uk), using a demonstrator Renault Kangoo electric van.

Paul comments: “This is a great experience, really uplifting and moving. Communication with loved ones and friends is really important. We were delighted that Renault could support us with this idea, making a real difference to our local community. It’s also been good to show how we can look after our environment and enjoy the better air quality through switching to electric vehicles.”

Over a dozen iPads have already been distributed. The idea has attracted funding from local organisations, meaning that more iPads are on the way. Funds are being sought to extend the project further.

Head of Development for Age UK Isle of Wight, Nik Attfield, is delighted with the progress so far: “At this time, many hospital patients and care home residents are missing contact with friends and family, so finding a solution to help is really important. We hope to cover all Island care homes in the coming weeks.”

If you would like to know more about this initiative contact Age UK IW on 01983 525282.

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