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The future for how electric vehicles will change our world is tremendously exciting, as we discovered in the third session of our EV Awareness Café. We enjoyed lead presentations from Simon Buckley and George Filip from Knowledge Transfer Network, part of Innovate UK.

The EV as the mobile battery, charging and discharging at selected times is just around the corner. Electricity can go back from the vehicle to the home or grid. Smart charging and smart energy use. We’ll get used to generating and then storing energy in large batteries, like a power wall, and then distributing that power when we and where we need it.

Simon explained that the move to low emissions in recent years had not been quick to effective enough, and that more radical action was needed to start to make a real impact. There’s a big shift in public sector waste disposal trucks moving to an EV version, as more local authorities get on board with this move. George then moved the session onto autonomous vehicles and how that is changing the way that transport and service delivery is changing. Milton Keynes operates a pod delivery system, as items are delivered to homeowners without human intervention.

Join our journey in discovering more about electric vehicles. Join on Zoom for free every Thursday in July 12.30pm. Register @ www.evexpress.co.uk/cafe.

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