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Doors open to EV Awareness Cafe

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Zoom call for session 1 EV Awareness Cafe from EV Express

Our EV Awareness Café opened its doors for the first time on July 2nd with an Introduction To EVs session.

These 40 minute sessions, running every Thursday at 12.30pm throughout July, are free to join on Zoom and focus on a different aspect of electric vehicles in each session.

This session opened up with an explanation of differences between Battery EVs (or Pure EVs as they are also known) and Hybrids – which are a mix of being powered by electric and with an internal combustion engine.

Paul Thorley, our vehicle expert, talked about the difference with an EV when it comes to driving experience. It’s more relaxing, with incredible acceleration when the vehicle is able to open up.

The discussion moved onto air quality and understanding emissions, with Paul sharing details of the air quality map that tracks how we can develop a better clean air system.

The session outlined the Road To Zero, the government’s plan for zero emission vehicles, and how the influential Committee on Climate Change last week recommended that no new petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles be sold after 2032.

David Thornton from EV Express gave more insight into electric vehicle charging and how that fitted into the new emerging world of smart energy management. In other words, the car is the mobile battery and stores energy. It charges at selected times and through technology can discharge back into the home or grid. See this video from charge unit manufacturer, Wallbox. This is known as bi-directional charging. EV charging connects into other renewable energy solutions, such as solar, and the storing and distribution of energy through power walls.

Then final segment of the session looked at the real-life comparisons of running a leased EV against a similar leased petrol vehicle.

These are themes that will also be picked up in session 2. Needless to say, when a vehicle costs around £4 to charge for a 120+ mile range against conventional fuel, then the economic advantages of EV show through.

See our 40 minute sessions every Thursday 12.30pm, Register @ www.evexpress.co.uk/cafe

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