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Buying vs Leasing an EV

Buying or Leasing EV options

Leasing makes EV ownership both; attainable and cost-effective

Personal & business

We are able to offer both personal and business leasing, with a selection of payment models. This creates dozens of options – but we will help to select the one that’s best for you.

Fixed monthly payments

Leasing gives you a fixed monthly cost which includes all maintenance and repair costs. Having that safety net reduces costs and stress. In short, there are no surprises!

Great tax savings

If you lease an EV as a company car, then there is also no tax to pay for either; the company or the employee. This can mean £1,000s saved over the duration of your lease contract.

Cost Example: The Renault Zoe Iconic

The Renault ZOE proves that fully electric cars can combine amazing vehicle design with the promise of real driving enjoyment… all at a great price.

EV Express brochure (2021) FINAL

Key points

Fully electric vehicle

245 mile range / charge

Average £5 cost / charge

5-door vehicle

10 inch touchscreen

Sat Nav & route planning

Heated, recycled seats

Cost type

Retail price

Initial deposit

Monthly lease

Fuel / charging

Company car tax

Class 1 NI

Total monthly cost

Renault ZOE








*Costs are plus VAT

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