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EV Charging as an Income

Make money from EV charging. We advise on how EV charging can become an income generator. Contact us to discover more on any / all of these options.


Return on Investment

Our range of fast chargers can come with an app, which means you can set the tariff.

As a standard guide, it costs £9 in electricity to charge an EV. An end-user would expect to pay £15 for this as a service. This is, therefore, a profit of £6 per charge. 

Assuming that the charge point is used very modestly just 4 times each week, that would equate to a profit of 4 x £6 x 52 weeks = £1248.

So, the cost of installing the charge point should be covered in Year 1.

How can we help you?

We are a team who can support businesses and individuals through an EV discovery journey, looking to experience EV and find out more. We work with partners to deliver vehicle leasing and charge point installation options.

Our vehicle procurement partner is Vehicle Consulting. 
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