Grant Funding Opportunities

We advise on a range of appropriate grand funding opportunities, including how to apply for the Workplace Charge Scheme and Homecharge Scheme.

For Businesses

EV Express support Greentech South in the allocation of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which helps businesses to transition to zero carbon through grant funding of up to 36% (£25 000).

The funding awards are dependent upon emission savings and are a panel decision made on merit.

We can arrange free comprehensive energy audits for businesses, which are part of the grant award process.

EV Express can help businesses in crafting narrative that makes your application more likely to get funding.

EV Express helps businesses to understand how installing charge points attracts additional corporation tax benefits, as part of the super deduction scheme for this financial year.

Put simply, EV charge points attract 130% tax benefits, as part of the government drive around green recovery.

Businesses who install charge points for use by their own staff or visitors to the business, also can secure savings of £350 per charge point, under the Workplace Charging Scheme. This allows for claiming for up to 40 charge points in a business (worth £14 000).

This is an overview of the process for the Workplace Charging Scheme:

Step 1 – Applicant completes online application.
Step 2 – Voucher generated.
Step 3 – Site visit carried out and quotation agreed, less grant value.
Step 4 – Installer completes installation and claims grant.

We can help businesses to claim these grants.

Businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors cannot claim this grant funding for charge point installation, as the charge point here is used to create commercial advantage or as an income stream.

Click here to understand EV charging as an income stream.

For Homeowners

Individual EV owners also can secure savings of £350 per charge point, under the Homecharge Scheme. To qualify, the vehicle must be owned or leased by the homeowner.

There must also be off-road parking available and the charge point installation grant for that specific vehicle has not been claimed previously.

EV Express can help individuals to claim this grant.