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How much are you paying in reality to run your small van?

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Renault Kangoo v Citroen Berlingo

When you calculate the true-life cost of a small van, then commercial EVs shine through. Session 4 of our EV Awareness Café really focused on the practical day to day running of a small van.

Joining the session was Dan Burgess from Island Roasted, who has recently leased a Renault Kangoo through EV Express. Dan describes his decision to switch to EV as a “no brainer,” once he had calculated average weekly mileage for his regular deliveries.

The Renault Kangoo has a genuine 120-mile range and costs around £5 in electricity to charge. Compare that with petrol costs and how frequently you fill up the tank. You can then quickly see the cost savings, when the EV leasing cost is around just £200 per month.

Better still, the Renault Zoe is being produced in a van version. That van will have an amazing 240-mile range, the same as the current car version. Now running costs are even less and with less frequent charging.

EV Express is delighted to have the Renault Zoe available for test drive during August. Simply contact us to register for a test drive: info@evexpress.co.uk

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