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Should you buy-out your Renault Zoe battery lease?

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Share 'Should you buy-out your Renault Zoe battery lease?' with your network

If you already own or are considering buying a Renault Zoe, then you have the option to either to either lease the battery or to buy it along with the car. If you expect to do high mileage, then buying a battery is Renault’s recommended option as being the simplest and most economical. If you project lower mileage, then the maths might point towards leasing the battery rather than buying it along with the vehicle.

If you bought your Renault Zoe through an agreement you lease the battery, you have the option to buy-out the Zoe battery lease.

Here are some initial things to consider whether to buy out the Zoe battery lease, or stay in the leased arrangement:


  • The buy out has to be paid for fully, no phased payments.
  • The cost of buying out is all determined by the age of the battery.
  • Renault guarantee their batteries for 100 000 miles or 8 years, from date of battery registration, whichever comes first.


So, as an example, if you own a 2014 plate Zoe then you have some warranty left on battery under 8 years or 100k scheme.

If you own a 2018 plate Zoe but had a new battery pack fitted in 2019 due to fault, then the buy-out cost will be based on when battery fitted not how old the car is.


Other factors to consider:

  • Benefits of leased battery – eg. breakdown cover.
  • If battery fails, then when leased by Renault they have to repair / replace. Major consideration for older Zoes.


Some ballpark costings:

  • 2016 plate – 22kWh battery – Around £3000 – £4000 to buy out
  • 2015 plate – 22kWh battery – Around £2500 – £3500 to buy out
  • 2019 plate – 40kWh battery – Around £5000 – £6000 to buy out


These ballpark costings are a very rough and crude steer. Please speak to your Renault dealership for detailed pricings.


What’s the bottom line?:

  • Is there a risk to buying out the battery? Could I find myself in a worse position, especially if I develop a battery fault in an older Zoe needing repair?
  • Will buying out the battery add more value to the vehicle if / when I come to trade it in in the used market?



Find out more about leasing the Renault Zoe: www.evexpress.co.uk/zoe






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