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Road To Zero

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Road To Zero is the government’s strategy around delivering a zero carbon environment. The policy was launched in 2018 and has been effectively revised and updated since.

It sets out when vehicle sales of new cars should have zero emissions and when all cars on the road should have zero emissions. The original vision was for all new car sales to be zero emission by 2040. This was revised recently be Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to be brought forward to 2035.

The target date for all cars on the road to be zero emission was set at 2050.

Now we want to go further still, through new
measures set out in this strategy towards
cleaner road transport and to put the UK at
the forefront of the design and
manufacturing of zero emission vehicles.
This adds up to nearly £1.5 billion of
investment and one of the most
comprehensive packages of support for
the transition to zero emission vehicles in
the world.

– Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP (Secretary of State for Transport)

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