Real-world examples of how EV Express have helped people on their journey to join the EV revolution.

How EV Express helped Island Roasted

Island Roasted, a leading Island manufacturer and supplier, has taken another step to support the sustainable journey of its coffee and tea products.

We were able to supply them with a Renault Kangoo electric van. With a 143-mile range for £9 cost in electricity, and costing only £200 + VAT per month to lease, Island Roasted were very impressed with the value for money.

“We saw it as important to improve on how we distribute and deliver our quality coffee and tea products, so moving to a suitable electric van was high on our priority list. Our vehicle running costs are now a fraction of what they were, let alone the environmental benefits. We are already thinking about adding another EV to our fleet.”

Dan Burgess – Island Roasted

EV Express with the Island Roasted team

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Electric Van