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Public Charging

We offer a complete turnkey solution for the installation of public chargers.

We have 2 business models that are attractive to clients:

1. Owner operated

This is the design and creation of EV charging hubs that are owner operated and funded. We project manage all of the key stages, using our extensive supply chain. These stages include power supply, cabling, charger selection, installation, back-office management, maintenance.

We often use a dynamic load management model, which is a 200kW power stack supporting 2 dual chargers. We work closely with an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to liaise with the Distribution Network Operator on the client behalf, and to secure the connection offer that works well, now and for the future demand.

We have been able to use new Ofgem regulations supporting the creation of charging hubs to secure power supply at much reduced costs.

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2. Fully funded by Charge Point Operator (CPO)

We work with a CPO to present commercially attractive opportunities that could be fully funded by the CPO, with the landlord receiving a bay rent or revenue share as the commercial agreement.

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How can we help you?

We are a team who can support businesses and individuals through an EV discovery journey, looking to experience EV and find out more. We work with partners to deliver vehicle leasing and charge point installation options.

Our vehicle procurement partner is Vehicle Consulting. 
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